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What Does a Split Air Conditioning Comprise Of?

What Is the Alternative to Ductwork?


If you want air conditioning in your home, however, hate seeing ductwork everywhere, you need to consider a split air conditioner system. Interested? Good, continue to read our blog post now.


A split air conditioner system is one that has the two main components separate from one another, which is found in a building, and the other on the exterior. A central air conditioning system is almost always a split unit. There are also units known as mini-split air conditioners. These operate very similarly, however, do not use ductwork. These can provide single room air conditioning, or cooling in multiple rooms, and are often called ductless units.


The two main components have different functions. The unit on the outside, which is known as the compressor, is what cools the air and the condensation. This saves the trouble of having to drain the water created from the indoors. The interior unit, known as a blower, is responsible for distributing the air. This is achieved through a forced-air system, using a fan and a series of ducts that will distribute cool air to a room.


For those living in homes without ducts, or feel they do not want to cool every room, a mini-split air conditioning system is an excellent option. This is a simpler method than installing ductwork. There is no need to think about running ducts, or cutting into walls. These units are also more efficient than window air conditioners, however, they do cost more to buy.


A miniature system works by installing a unit in the room of choice. Then 2 lines are connected to the exterior unit. While this does require drilling through an exterior wall, it will not require the cutting that is associated with air-con units with ducts. One line delivers coolant to the interior component, while the other removes condensation.


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