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Let an Air Conditioning Expert Service Your HVAC System

When Is the Best Time to Service an Air Conditioner?


Many thoughts that did not previously cross your mind when you were renting or leasing begin to enter your head once you become a homeowner for the first time. You’re now worried about how much it will cost to water your lawn. Mowing, weeding, fastening loose cupboards, weather stripping, caulking bathtubs, and maintaining your HVAC system, which includes your home’s air conditioner, are all things you need to consider.


It makes sense that many people are considering their air conditioning units when the weather gets warm. If so, how frequently and when should they be routinely maintained? After all, you don’t want your air conditioner to go down on a steamy summer day.


Am I Supposed to Maintain My AC?

You must maintain your home’s air conditioner system, just like any other mechanical device (such as your car or furnace). Since the summer is when you’ll need your AC the most, we recommend having it serviced in the spring, when the weather is still mild and comfortable without AC.


You can change the air filter if everything is working properly, so you may not need to contact a specialist. It would help if you found the filter slot on the device to accomplish this. Slide out the old filter and install a fresh one. While doing this, remember which side of the air filter should be facing outward.


When to Call an AC Professional

The sooner you call the experts, the better, especially if you turn on your air conditioner and it makes an odd noise or does not blow cold air. When something is wrong with your unit, you shouldn’t run it because doing so could lead to more damage and force you to replace it before it needs to be, costing you money.


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