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For AC Maintenance or Repairs, It’s Better to Call the Experts

Signs You Need Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance


Whether you live in your own home or in an apartment, hot weather is going to be a difficult foe. From the brutal humidity of the northeastern heat to the dry southwestern heat, air conditioners serve as the first defense against these difficult situations – until they completely stop working. While nothing is expected to last forever, few system breakdowns are more overwhelming than losing your air conditioning unit. If you notice your AC unit is breaking down, look for these signs that it’s time for a replacement before contacting your residential air conditioning maintenance company.


You notice the presence of unusual sounds.

Are you hearing a loud noise coming from your unit? How about rattling, squealing, banging, grinding, and other noises that don’t seem right? You should turn off your AC unit and have an expert examine it as soon as possible. All of these sounds often mean a serious problem – such as the belt slipping out of place and broken motor bearings – that can lead to expensive repairs or need of replacement if left unattended.


It’s past its average lifespan (10-15 years).

Often, an average AC unit could last about 10-15 years. if your unit is already older than that, congratulations! You got a high return on your investment; still, with the latest brands centering on energy efficiency, you’ll save money in the future through an easy upgrade. When the older unit starts breaking down, think of it as an opportunity to replace them with the latest systems.


Your unit isn’t giving cold, comfy air.

Maybe, it’s noticeable, but when you’re not feeling the cool air, there’s a chance that something is wrong with your AC unit. From low Freon levels to broken compressors, serious issues could be a contributing factor. Look for your residential air conditioning maintenance company or if have a home warranty, make a claim. There’s no need to wait to beat the heat. If the repairs are entirely extensive, you might want to consider a full AC replacement instead.


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