Let an Air Conditioning Expert Service Your HVAC System

When Is the Best Time to Service an Air Conditioner?


Many thoughts that did not previously cross your mind when you were renting or leasing begin to enter your head once you become a homeowner for the first time. You’re now worried about how much it will cost to water your lawn. Mowing, weeding, fastening loose cupboards, weather stripping, caulking bathtubs, and maintaining your HVAC system, which includes your home’s air conditioner, are all things you need to consider.


It makes sense that many people are considering their air conditioning units when the weather gets warm. If so, how frequently and when should they be routinely maintained? After all, you don’t want your air conditioner to go down on a steamy summer day.


Am I Supposed to Maintain My AC?

You must maintain your home’s air conditioner system, just like any other mechanical device (such as your car or furnace). Since the summer is when you’ll need your AC the most, we recommend having it serviced in the spring, when the weather is still mild and comfortable without AC.


You can change the air filter if everything is working properly, so you may not need to contact a specialist. It would help if you found the filter slot on the device to accomplish this. Slide out the old filter and install a fresh one. While doing this, remember which side of the air filter should be facing outward.


When to Call an AC Professional

The sooner you call the experts, the better, especially if you turn on your air conditioner and it makes an odd noise or does not blow cold air. When something is wrong with your unit, you shouldn’t run it because doing so could lead to more damage and force you to replace it before it needs to be, costing you money.


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Air Conditioning Myths and Tips

Myth or Truth: Will Running an Air Conditioner in Cold Weather Damage It?


Air conditioning can be found almost everywhere, and homeowners will often run their units more during the summer months; however, they see less use in the winter. There are, however, some instances where you want to use your air-con during the winter months. For example, you might want to test the unit, show a buyer how it works if you are planning on moving, or perform a few simple repairs. You may have been told that running the AC in cold weather is not recommended, but is that true, or is it a myth that refuses to die?


Will Running AC in Cold Weather Damage It?

It’s true that using an air conditioner in the cold weather is not a good idea. As they come with condensing units that were not designed to be used in cold weather. The units contain oil used to lubricate the compressor, a heavy grade type that works best in warm conditions. When the weather starts to get cold, the oil will become thicker and does not lubricate the compressor as it should.


If AC compressors used a lighter grade of oil, then they could be used in the winter; however, you would then be facing the opposite problem. In the summer, the oil heats up to the point that it doesn’t provide sufficient lubrication, and the compressor is at greater risk of damage. Most people don’t want to cool their homes, especially when it is already too cold outside, so it makes more sense for the HVAC manufacturers to use summer-weight oils. Another issue with using air conditioners in the winter is that condensation on the cooling coil could very well freeze and damage the unit.


What Temperature is Too Cold?

HVAC manufacturers recommend that users not operate their units for prolonged periods if the temperature dips below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have to test your unit, you should wait until the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 3 days beforehand.


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Advantages of Hiring a Dependable Heating Service Provider

Maintaining the Heat in Your Place


If you have a gas heat source, you want to make sure that it is running at maximum efficiency. You can do this by having your heating system regularly maintained. Having a professional heating service check on your heating system will allow them to identify any problems before they become more complex ones. If you want to keep your gas furnace running at maximum efficiency, then you should consider having your heating system regularly maintained by a professional.


This will ensure that the right amount of heat is provided to the room or space

If you are trying to provide the right amount of heat to a room or space, then you should make sure that your heating system is working the way it should. You can do this by having your system regularly maintained. There are professionals that can do this, they know how to identify and fix any problems that they see, and they can do so quickly and efficiently.


Make sure that your system is operating at its best

If you want your system to operate at its best, then you should make sure that it is regularly maintained. On top of regularly having your system checked, you should make sure that the oil is changed and any filters are replaced. Your heater should be oiled at least once a year. If you need to make sure that your filter is also changed, then you should call your heating technician to do it for you.

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Risks of Handling DIY Air Conditioning Repair

Reasons to Avoid DIY HVAC Project  


If your HVAC system goes down, you might decide to try to repair it yourself. You could be looking for a cost-effective approach to get your heating or cooling system up and running again as soon as possible. But take a breather. Handling a DIY air conditioning repair or furnace is not as simple as it appears on YouTube. There are significant dangers and costs associated.


To learn about the risks of performing an HVAC job, continue reading the following:


You might void the warranty.

Have you read the fine print on your furnace and air conditioner warranties? It usually contains a clause stating that the particular system is only valid if professionally repaired or maintained. Trying to save a little money by doing things yourself could end up costing you a lot. To be safe, consider professional assistance. They are capable of handling air conditioning repair and installation.


You might handle the repair for a longer time.

Repairing your HVAC system should be done as soon as feasible. Nobody wants to stay at home or office without air conditioning, especially on summer days. Experts in heating and air conditioning can diagnose your problem, offer the best solution, and finish the repair in the shortest amount of time. Troubleshooting, assembling your tools, disassembling the system, and other tasks would all take much longer if you tried the same thing.


You might repair your system incorrectly.

Even if your repair hack restores the heating or cooling system to working order, it may not be at peak efficiency. Unless you’re a qualified, experienced professional, it’s easy to make mistakes with critical tasks like appropriately adjusting the temperature or maintaining optimal circulation and drainage. If you don’t want to worsen the situation, better call pros. They can safely handle the air conditioning repair correctly.


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Do You Really Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

Are You Hearing Noises?  


If you are reading this right now wondering if your AC unit needs any repairs, it probably might. You would not be reading about it if you did not think or feel like something is wrong with it. Of course, some would not know what the difference would be from the noise an AC unit regularly makes from a sound that says it needs repairs. Here are some things you need to remember to know if you really need an air conditioning repair:


Is the noise coming from the inside?

While there would be a noise all AC units would emit, like a low humming, you need to listen carefully if it is coming from the inside where the gears or wires are located. You need to know if the sound is a low natural hum or something far worse. If it is nothing like a soft hum, then you should definitely call an expert.


Is the temperature getting affected?

If the temperature of your room or house is getting affected then you might really need to call an expert to check out your unit. If you find that it is not working as well as it used to or is not producing air as cold as it used to, then you definitely need to get that checked. Something might be terribly wrong with it.


How are your electrical bills?

If your electrical bills are getting affected then it is definitely a sign for you to have an expert check on your unit. This is usually a sign that something is already wrong with the flow of the electric current from your AC. This could lead to all sorts of problems so it is best to have it fixed right away.

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How Can You Tell That It Is Time for an Air Conditioning Repair

Must Be Cool  


You will want to make sure your air conditioner is prepared to keep you cool in times you need it. But how do you know if it needs a little tender, love, and care? If you see any of the following warning signs, you likely need an air conditioning repair:


Strange noise

Air conditioning units, especially those of newer models are very silent. One common sound that you might hear from your air conditioner system is a popping sound coming from your vents. The good news is this isn’t a sign that you need air conditioner repair. A popping sound from your vents means that the air in your metal ductwork is expanding. If it really drives you nuts, adding insulation to your ductwork can minimize the sound. But if this doesn’t resolve the issue, call a pro!


Not cool enough

Air conditioning units are installed for obvious reasons. When you feel warm air blowing out of your home’s vents, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s switched to cooling mode and set it lower than your home’s current temperature. If your vents still blow warm air, restricted airflow or a compressor issue may be to blame. For most homes, a good barometer for whether your A/C is working correctly is if your home’s temperature drops at least one degree per hour when your A/C is running.



Some air conditioning units do produce a small amount of water but if the volume resembles that of a leak, then there is a problem. Left unfixed, leaks may sip into other parts of your property or may damage furnishings around your air conditioning unit which would eventually cost you more money and stress.



If you start to smell unpleasant odors and suspect that they’re coming from your air conditioning system, you’ll want to deal with the issue before it becomes smellier. Fortunately, a complete cleaning session or if your cooling system will eliminate this problem, otherwise, there might be a need to open the unit and check for the cause of the smell.

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The Benefits of Getting a Professional Heating Service

Should You Get Professional Services for Your Heating Needs?  


Nowadays, many property owners think that they can do a heating service on their own. While there may be some minor projects that you can do on your own, certain projects are best left in the hands of professionals instead. Here are some reasons why you should do so:


High-quality assistance

There is no better way to make sure that your home remains warm and comfortable during the cold nights than actually making sure that your heating system is in optimal condition. When your heating system gets damaged or starts to malfunction, getting a professional heating service to get your system repaired is a great idea. Trained technicians who specialize in heating systems can handle the repair of your heating system in an efficient and effective manner. With professional heating services, you get to enjoy reliable heating services while extending the life expectancy and ensure that your heating system is working properly when you need it.


Long-lasting repairs

Whether you got your heating systems professionally installed or otherwise, somewhere down the road, you will need to get repairs for your heating systems. Compared to if you were to do repairs on your own, letting professionals handle it can assure you that the repairs will last you a long time. Working with a professional technician who can provide you with HVAC repair can help to keep your heating system working longer which reduces the likelihood of having to get a replacement for your heating system which means that you get to save money. After all, heating systems don’t come cheap and you want to make sure that the one you have now lasts you a long time.


Restore Functions

A professional technician can help to restore your heating system back to its proper functions. You will have peace of mind knowing that your heating system is safely functioning.


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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit in Great Shape

Keeping It Cool  


We haven’t met many homeowners who would ever turn down a chance to save money. Especially when referring to their energy or utility bills. In addition to these bills each month, when it comes to your air conditioning system, you also have the cost of upkeep to consider—maintenance, repair, eventual replacement—which can be overwhelming. There are several things that both a new and seasoned homeowner can do to keep their units in excellent operating condition.


Use when necessary

The first tip to keeping your AC system in tip-top shape is to only use it when you need it. This goes a really long way! Comfort cooling is one thing but leaving it on when no one is using it is another. Make sure you’re only using your air conditioning when you really need to use it and remember to turn it off especially when you leave the house.


Close your curtains

Especially in summer, you might want to enjoy the ambient light coming in through your windows, this light comes from the sun and the sun gives off radiant heat. Letting the sun come into windows means that those rooms will heat up faster than they would otherwise. By closing your curtains and even your blinds, you can keep those rooms in your home from the warm rays of the sun, and help your air conditioning system work more efficiently.


Keep your AC system clean

Cleaning is a basic chore and this applies to your AC unit. Part of this includes checking the air filter but also mostly checking on your outdoor unit. This outdoor unit is where all of the heat comes out, so removing anything that’s blocking it is wise if you want an efficient flow of air. This will help your system run smoothly and quickly.


There are a whole lot of simple and costless steps in ensuring that your AC units are well maintained. But just like any other appliances, they too can be subject to wear and tear. If you are in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas and in need of a trusted air conditioning expert, turn to Wrich Air Cooling Heating. Call us at (702) 233-1636 for inquiries.

Why Hire a Professional AC Service?

Keep Your Appliance Functional and Safe


Appliances are already necessities, especially the air conditioning units. This should be a reason for you to take care of yours and make sure it doesn’t malfunction even after years of use. But if something goes wrong, there is no need to freak out. It’s only normal for an appliance to have problems in the future, and the least you can do is to hire a professional to check and fix it. If your concern is your air conditioning unit, then call a trusted AC service. The professionals can solve your problem and provide satisfying perks.


Complete Resources

You can’t deny the fact that technicians are always equipped. They have the best tools for AC service, which means you wouldn’t be securing the equipment yourself. It’s all part of the payment, and that is what a lot of people tend to forget. Thus, this should help you realize that it’s okay to spend money on AC repair. You will get more than what you pay for.


Fast Inspection and Repair

Since professionals are highly skilled, they can do fast and reliable service. If you want to use your AC again, you shouldn’t worry because you won’t be waiting for a long time. The technicians can finish the job before you know it, but it still depends on the severity of the problem. You must mention the specific issues ahead so the professionals will have the information they can use for the inspection and repair process.



Hiring professionals is safe. Taking caution is their priority, and they also wear the gear for the process. Thus, no one will ever be harmed during the repair. You can hire them again for regular checkups.


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Reasons to Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Service

Easy Breezy AC


One reason why you should hire a professional air conditioning service is that your AC system is one of the most important appliances in your house, especially during the summer. The AC works all day and night in order for you to be relaxed and comfy. Maybe because of inexperience or just being careless and negligent, unfortunate things can happen and you might end up having a shoddy AC installation did that will result in a lot of problematic issues down the road.


Experienced Experts

AC contractors all have extensive experience in their own field. Even though you might have a basic knowledge of what an AC is, HVAC service companies have all the experience in doing installation-related service. So, get professional with experience to handle the situation, that way you can just sit back, relax, and watch your favorite show. It’s a general fact that HVAC contractors have all the knowledge and skills necessary to handle even the most complicated issue with care. Professional AC contractors have all the needed expertise you want for your AC installation. That’s why getting an AC installation contractor to do the installation is always a good idea.


Avoid Warranty Damage

If you just have basic knowledge about your AC, basically not an expert, you should avoid doing AC installations on your own. You’ll most likely accidentally damage your system which can void your AC warranty. In which case, you will no longer have any benefits you would have received if you still have an intact warranty. Get a professional to keep the AC unit warranty protected. These professionals know all the big to small details of your AC so it won’t be damaged during installation. Also, AC installation is a time-consuming process and quite risky. So hire a professional to keep yourself safe and have more time in your hands to do something else important.


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