AC Maintenance & Repairs Are Best Left in the Hands of Professionals

Look for These Signs to Call a Residential Air Conditioning Company


Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, hot weather is a great equalizer. From the brutal humidity to the dry heat of, air conditioners serve as a famous line of defense against these conditions – until they stop working. While nothing lasts forever, few home system breakdowns are more painful than losing your air conditioning. If you suspect your AC unit is on the verge of breaking down, look for these signs it’s time for a replacement before calling your local residential air conditioning company.


You’re not getting cold air.

Maybe, it obvious, but when you’re not getting any cool air, there’s something wrong with your AC unit. From a broken compressor to low Freon levels, any number of issues can be a contributing factor. Find the right professional or if you have a home warranty, make a claim. You won’t have to wait to beat the heat. If the repairs are extensive, you might be better off with a replacement instead.


Airflow isn’t all that great.

Maybe, you’re getting cool air throughout your home, but you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t pushing air out the way it used to, leading to damaged/blocked vents or some issues with your unit’s compressor. While it’s possible to have a residential air conditioning company handle these repairs, they can be expensive depending on the extent of the issue and the unit’s age. When the costs are too high, you might want to consider the expenses of buying a new unit.


Found moisture & leakage.

While condensation around an air conditioner is common, excessive leakage represents a more serious problem. If you have an issue with the refrigerant leak or notice large pools of water around your unit, you might have a serious problem that has to be fixed immediately. Leaking coolants pose a health threat to your family and excessive water leakage could damage furniture or floors and might even cause mold growth.