What Does a Split Air Conditioning Comprise Of?

What Is the Alternative to Ductwork?


If you want air conditioning in your home, however, hate seeing ductwork everywhere, you need to consider a split air conditioner system. Interested? Good, continue to read our blog post now.


A split air conditioner system is one that has the two main components separate from one another, which is found in a building, and the other on the exterior. A central air conditioning system is almost always a split unit. There are also units known as mini-split air conditioners. These operate very similarly, however, do not use ductwork. These can provide single room air conditioning, or cooling in multiple rooms, and are often called ductless units.


The two main components have different functions. The unit on the outside, which is known as the compressor, is what cools the air and the condensation. This saves the trouble of having to drain the water created from the indoors. The interior unit, known as a blower, is responsible for distributing the air. This is achieved through a forced-air system, using a fan and a series of ducts that will distribute cool air to a room.


For those living in homes without ducts, or feel they do not want to cool every room, a mini-split air conditioning system is an excellent option. This is a simpler method than installing ductwork. There is no need to think about running ducts, or cutting into walls. These units are also more efficient than window air conditioners, however, they do cost more to buy.


A miniature system works by installing a unit in the room of choice. Then 2 lines are connected to the exterior unit. While this does require drilling through an exterior wall, it will not require the cutting that is associated with air-con units with ducts. One line delivers coolant to the interior component, while the other removes condensation.


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AC Tune-Ups: What You Need to Know

Tips From Cooling Service Providers


Most air-conditioning units are sturdy and hard-wearing, but this doesn’t mean that they’re invincible! In fact, they can deteriorate over the years and eventually develop various problems. The good news is that you can slow down the deterioration process by having your cooling service provider tune-up your air-conditioning unit on a yearly basis.


Regular AC tune-ups might seem unnecessary at first glance, but they’re actually worth the cost and hassle since they can extend the lifespan of your cooling system. This comes from the fact that the tuning-up process covers several tasks that can keep your AC running perfectly and help it avoid serious problems. Here are some of the things that are included in air-conditioning tune-ups:


Condenser Coil Cleaning


Condenser coils naturally attract dirt, so it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. Otherwise, the layer of dust and grime on your coils can act as a barrier and prevent heat transfer between your AC’s refrigerant and the outside air. When this happens, your indoor temperature will be higher than desired, and your air-conditioning motor will have to work harder and be at risk for premature failure.


Coolant Level Assessment


During the AC tune-up process, your HVAC technician will check if your air-conditioning unit has the right amount of coolant. If it doesn’t, they will top up the coolant and ensure that it’s at the right amount for your AC’s make and model. They will also check if the unit has any coolant leaks and, if it does, they’ll seal the affected pipe and add more coolant as needed. Taking these steps is important since your AC’s coolant is responsible for keeping your home cool and ensuring that your AC works properly.


Thermostat Recalibration


Thermostats are designed to be precise but due to wear and tear, they can develop problems that can affect their precision. When this happens, your AC won’t be able to achieve your desired level of cooling and your home can be too warm for comfort. This is why HVAC technicians will check the thermostat during the tune-up process and perform the required recalibrations to ensure optimal performance.

These are some of the tasks that are covered during AC tune-ups. If you’re ready to schedule a tune-up appointment for your air-conditioning unit, reach out to Wrich Air Cooling Heating and use our world-class cooling service in Las Vegas, NV. Call us now at (702) 233-1636!

Why Hire a Professional Heating Service Provider

Constant Comfortable Warmth


These days, homeowners like doing their own heating service without help from an expert. Yes, there are small varied projects that you can handle alone, but there are also certain things that are best left to them, the professionals. This includes proper installation, repair, maintenance, which are best done by professional heating services. To maintain an ever-present comfort in your home, you’ll have to give your heater the care it needs; which is why you need to hire professionals to routinely maintain or repair your heater, keeping your indoor air clean. Keep your heating system maintained since there are parts of it that are prone to damage:


The Air Ducts

An air duct is normally placed in the attic or somewhere hidden, to keep it away from anyone’s view. Because of this very reason, air ducts only get small amounts of ventilation and light. This makes the air ducts quite vulnerable to bacteria, allergens, contaminants, dirt, and dust build-up. That’s why during summer, when temperatures rise, those built-up nasty things in your air ducts will soon turn to a very dangerous problem. One good thing, however, these types of problem rarely does happen although it still gets damaged like leaks and holes, causing air quality in the house to decrease. It’s recommended to do a routine inspection, maintenance, or repair to always ensure your air ducts are clean and in proper working order.


The Evaporator Coil

The constant fluctuating temperature of your evaporator coil every time it’s heated or cooled will produce condensation. This means that the coil gets wet or damp, quite dangerous because contaminants or bacteria can possibly breed and spread throughout your house through air circulation. You and everyone will be constantly exposed to this dirty air. That’s why it’s best to keep routine maintenance to keep this from happening.


No matter how simple it is to do heating repair, we recommend calling heating service professionals in Wrich Air Cooling Heating. We offer reliable repair services and we are based in Las Vegas, NV.