What Are Some Reasons You Might Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

When to Get Your AC Repaired?


The hot seasons will be coming around sooner than you think. Meaning, you will be needing your air conditioning unit. Coming home is a great feeling when there is a cool air welcoming you at the doorstep on a sticky and hot day. However, how can you experience that if your system isn’t working properly? But first, you have to make sure that nothing in your home is the cause of your AC’s problem. Don’t worry! Hiring professionals is what you should do to book an air conditioning repair service. Read on to know the reasons you might need this kind of service.


AC May Not Be Properly Maintained

What if you’ve never adjusted your vehicle’s gas, windshield wipers or tires? You might not expect it to run well for a long time. The same applies to the air conditioning system in your house. Dirty filters and coils could make your AC system get in trouble. It will not work properly and if the compressor and fan are left unattended, you have to expect that fans may fail. Having the appropriate annual maintenance from a qualified HVAC will prevent this from happening.


AC Has an Electric Control Failure

If the system was not properly sized, this may fail the electrical controls of the compressor and fan. You should first, ensure that your contractor installs the right size system for your home. And second, get an AC check-up every spring. By doing this, you can prevent any electric control failure that will happen.


AC Has Leaking Refrigerant

Your system will not work as effectively and efficiently as it should if you have a refrigerant leak in your system. Not to mention, a refrigerant leak may be harmful to the environment. It is not possible to fix coolant leaks simply by adding more coolant. If your system experiences poor performance, you should hire a trained mechanic to fix any leak.


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Indications That You Need to Call a Heating Service and Repair Expert

When Should You Get the Heating System Repaired?


Heaters are installed to keep us warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. We must maintain them since they also maintain our body temperature. Unfortunately, no matter what upkeeps you do to the heating system, damage can still happen. Before it completely breaks down and ends up in a costly replacement, call the nearest heating service and repair technician in your area. If you aren’t familiar with the heater’s signs of damage, you need to stay on this page.


You hear a strange noise 

Just like a typical machine, the heating system also produces noise once you turn it on. But if the noise seems odd or unusual, there is something wrong with the heater. Hearing a screeching and grinding noise is caused by a worn-out fan belt, while a buzzing noise means electrical problems. If not repaired immediately, the damage can aggravate and can spread to the entire heating system.


You feel some cold spots

Heaters can maintain the amount of heat they produce. If the thermostat is high yet you still don’t feel warmth, call a heating service and repair technician immediately. There might be leaks on the duct which prevents it from working properly. These leaks must be sealed to keep the warm air from flowing and also to avoid high energy consumption.


You receive a high utility bill

The easiest way to know if the heater needs repair is by checking your monthly utility bill. If the bills are increasing every month, have the heating system checked by the experts. Check the air filter because if it’s filthy, the heating system works harder which translates to high energy consumption. It must be replaced every three months to keep the system from functioning efficiently.

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For an HVAC Unit to Stay in Good Condition, It Needs Checkups

Signs You Need Residential Air Conditioning Repair Services


It’s not that difficult to tell if your air conditioner is in need of residential air conditioning repair, but inexperienced homeowners might wonder whether the unit is really not working. Often, you might feel that when your air conditioner is showing early signs that it needs repairs. It’s advisable to look after the problem before it turns into something more serious or before your air conditioner completely stops working.


Lack of airflow and cool air.

Maybe, this is the clearest sign that your air conditioner has problems. If you turn on the unit and cool air doesn’t come within a few minutes, that’s a good sign that it’s not working efficiently. Likewise, this problem can be a result of clogs in your ductwork and piping, which restricts airflow and will not disappear on its own. No matter what the cause is, a lack of airflow is an early sign that you have a problem which should be fixed.


The buildup of moisture.

All air conditioning units will produce moisture to some extent, but those which are working efficiently should be able to handle it without any problems. When moisture and leakage are visible around the unit, it can be that you have a refrigerant leak. This will not only cause the system to deteriorate, but it can also pose a serious health threat to your family. Even if it’s just water that’s building up, allowing the problem to persist can cause an undesirable breeding ground for mold. If you already notice this kind of issue, you should call your local residential air conditioning repair company.


Unwanted sounds.

Have you ever noticed that the AC is noisier than before? Often, the presence of strange sounds like squeaking, chattering, and grinding isn’t common and shouldn’t be taken as a simple sign of aging. Most air conditioners are expected to operate at a noise level that’s barely noticeable, so if your cooling system is drawing attention to itself, you know it’s about time to replace it with new equipment.


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For AC Maintenance or Repairs, It’s Better to Call the Experts

Signs You Need Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance


Whether you live in your own home or in an apartment, hot weather is going to be a difficult foe. From the brutal humidity of the northeastern heat to the dry southwestern heat, air conditioners serve as the first defense against these difficult situations – until they completely stop working. While nothing is expected to last forever, few system breakdowns are more overwhelming than losing your air conditioning unit. If you notice your AC unit is breaking down, look for these signs that it’s time for a replacement before contacting your residential air conditioning maintenance company.


You notice the presence of unusual sounds.

Are you hearing a loud noise coming from your unit? How about rattling, squealing, banging, grinding, and other noises that don’t seem right? You should turn off your AC unit and have an expert examine it as soon as possible. All of these sounds often mean a serious problem – such as the belt slipping out of place and broken motor bearings – that can lead to expensive repairs or need of replacement if left unattended.


It’s past its average lifespan (10-15 years).

Often, an average AC unit could last about 10-15 years. if your unit is already older than that, congratulations! You got a high return on your investment; still, with the latest brands centering on energy efficiency, you’ll save money in the future through an easy upgrade. When the older unit starts breaking down, think of it as an opportunity to replace them with the latest systems.


Your unit isn’t giving cold, comfy air.

Maybe, it’s noticeable, but when you’re not feeling the cool air, there’s a chance that something is wrong with your AC unit. From low Freon levels to broken compressors, serious issues could be a contributing factor. Look for your residential air conditioning maintenance company or if have a home warranty, make a claim. There’s no need to wait to beat the heat. If the repairs are entirely extensive, you might want to consider a full AC replacement instead.


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Are You Making These Common Air-Conditioning Mistakes?

Insights from Residential Air Conditioning Service Providers


Many homeowners think that they’re good to go as long as they hire a residential air conditioning service expert to install their AC system. However, there’s more to it than that. Your air-conditioning system needs regular care to work efficiently, and it can experience damage when you commit maintenance mistakes that shorten its lifespan. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:


Not cleaning fins and coils

Your AC’s condenser coils absorb heat from your interiors then release it into the outside environment through the evaporator fins. This system is designed to work smoothly and efficiently—as long as the coils and fins are free of dust and dirt, which can hamper the condensation and evaporation processes. Because of this, you need to clean your AC coils and fins on a regular basis.


Neglecting filter replacements

When was the last time you replaced your AC’s air filters? If you can’t remember when, you’re doing your air-conditioning system a huge disservice. This comes from the fact that dirty filters hamper air flow and make your AC work harder than it should, causing its parts to wear out faster and increasing the system’s energy consumption. To minimize wear and tear and keep your bills low, change your air-conditioning filters every three months or even once a month during cooling season.


Forgetting to check AC drains

Water is a natural by-product of the condensation process, which is why air-conditioning systems are built with drains where excess water can easily flow out. However, if one of these drains becomes clogged, water will accumulate in your AC and damage its sensitive parts. It can also leak out of the system and damage the walls and floors near the affected area. To avoid these scenarios, inspect the drains regularly to ensure they’re clean; if they’re clogged, call an AC technician who can remove the blockage without doing further damage to the system.


Avoid these maintenance blunders to keep your air-conditioning system in great shape! If you need help with repairs and maintenance, contact Wrich Air Cooling Heating and use our residential air conditioning service in Las Vegas, NV. Call us today at (702) 233-1636 to speak with our HVAC experts!

AC Maintenance & Repairs Are Best Left in the Hands of Professionals

Look for These Signs to Call a Residential Air Conditioning Company


Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, hot weather is a great equalizer. From the brutal humidity to the dry heat of, air conditioners serve as a famous line of defense against these conditions – until they stop working. While nothing lasts forever, few home system breakdowns are more painful than losing your air conditioning. If you suspect your AC unit is on the verge of breaking down, look for these signs it’s time for a replacement before calling your local residential air conditioning company.


You’re not getting cold air.

Maybe, it obvious, but when you’re not getting any cool air, there’s something wrong with your AC unit. From a broken compressor to low Freon levels, any number of issues can be a contributing factor. Find the right professional or if you have a home warranty, make a claim. You won’t have to wait to beat the heat. If the repairs are extensive, you might be better off with a replacement instead.


Airflow isn’t all that great.

Maybe, you’re getting cool air throughout your home, but you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t pushing air out the way it used to, leading to damaged/blocked vents or some issues with your unit’s compressor. While it’s possible to have a residential air conditioning company handle these repairs, they can be expensive depending on the extent of the issue and the unit’s age. When the costs are too high, you might want to consider the expenses of buying a new unit.


Found moisture & leakage.

While condensation around an air conditioner is common, excessive leakage represents a more serious problem. If you have an issue with the refrigerant leak or notice large pools of water around your unit, you might have a serious problem that has to be fixed immediately. Leaking coolants pose a health threat to your family and excessive water leakage could damage furniture or floors and might even cause mold growth.